Core de Force - Week 1 Recap

Week 1 is officially in the bag for Core de Force, the latest at-home fitness program that I'm doing! It was a challenging, and eye opening week. All good things for me. I actually love a challenge and worry more about a workout where I don't feel tested than I do if I'm feeling like I want to give up. Some of my thoughts below:

Workouts: The workouts are harder than I thought they would be! There is a LOT of arm work involved, and that (along with my core) happens to be the weakest part of my body. Moves like using balance to do high switch kicks, and many, many push-ups definitely challenged me to the max the entire week. The exercises also increased a bit in length, which does make a difference when you are going all out. 47 minutes is the longest, and that was just enough thank you!

Nutrition: I'm on Plan A - which means I'm in about a 1200-1500 calorie range. I found myself quite hungry as the week progressed, which most certainly means that my metabolism has been awakened! I simply added protein or vegetables on those days in order to get through. I don't do hungry very well, and am glad that this program includes specific instruction for what to do if overly tired or hungry (both solutions are to eat more). I also am happy to report that I stayed close to the meal plan. There were a few times I went a bit over on my carbohydrate (yellow), allotment, but overall I stuck to it!

How I'm feeling: My sugar cravings have gone WAY down, now that I've cut out much of the processed sugar I'd been having in the past few weeks. I'm also very proud of the fact that on Halloween I did not have ONE piece of candy, and successfully was able to donate it all the next day. I find that removing the temptations completely really helps me stick to the plan.

What's next:

Next up is the start of the "zigzag" portion of the plan, which means I get to add on extra calories in the form of energy foods to give my body more fuel, and to keep plateaus at bay. This coming week I'll get one extra fruit serving daily. This is NOT a problem for me! I love fruit, and often struggle keeping it to the plan, so I'm fine with this!

The workouts this week will be getting a bit more intense, and I"m looking forward to feeling stronger and continuing to feel strong and FIGHT FOR IT!

Do you have any questions about Core de Force? Feel free to comment below if you are already doing this program or want to ask me about it!