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Put perfection to the side. They say the best never rest, but my best is all about living a balanced life.


About Brett Cortell

Welcome to Good, Better, Best!  I’m a busy mama - to three little boys - 2, 4 and 7.   I am also a wife, a chauffeur, a hockey mom and an entertainer among MANY other roles on any given day!  I am SUPER passionate about health and fitness, because it has transformed my life.  I love cookbooks, recipes, and creating healthy and clean meals in my kitchen.  I daydream about travel, and try to attempt it as often as I can.

This is what I believe:

A life where moderation is the name of the game. Some days we are good, some days we are better and some days we are at our best… it’s all part of the journey! I’m always growing, and have a keen interest in inspiration and ways to make the most out of this life. Every day I am striving the best version of myself, and I want to help others do the same.

I’ve had my own journey from a stuck, martyr mom, to the path that I’m on today, and it’s my mission to help others feel like their best selves and live a healthy life. Am I at my best every day? NO, and I’m ok with that! This is your place for inspiration (mind and body), healthy recipes, meal plans, motivation and tips on how to show up for yourself and live your best life. Let’s take the journey together, one day at a time!

Good Better Best….Never Let It Rest

The phrase “never let it rest” has long been a source of fascination for me. The lives of people who have achieved greatness against seemingly impossible odds are a source of inspiration. They never gave up. They never “let it rest.” Their examples fuel my desire to reach out to my clients in ways I believe can help them achieve the goals that motivate and excite them. They also have long driven ME to keep going despite the odds, and find that inner drive to be the best version of myself.