Progress, Not Perfection

There is a mantra that I repeat OFTEN to my clients, and that's "progress not perfection". With programs like Core De Force, there is a very specific outline of nutrition,  but what happens if we get off track, and don't follow it to the letter? Here is how I feel about that.....

I think that even if we get off track, what really matters is that we just make an adjustment and get back ON. All too often I see people whose focus may waver a bit and they give up. It's part of life to be thrown off our game. The progress happens when we stubbornly just adjust those sails and come back to our path!

This week I started Core de Force. There were a few things that happened during the week that I did NOT expect, and threw me off a bit. However, I'm still feeling good, I'm still VERY dedicated to this program and I just adjusted accordingly! 

Unexpected, but needed after a visit to the emergency room.

Unexpected, but needed after a visit to the emergency room.

Here is where I am specifically with Core de Force. I started a few days later than expected, which wasn't a big deal. I just picked right up with online streaming the minute I was able and before that I just did other exercises in my library. I also got my package later in the week, which was very exciting! 

As for nutrition, in my book I've done great. I have fought off many sugar and mindless snacking cravings that came back after weeks of just doing these things without really even realizing it. Have I been!'s ok. I can feel my energy levels improving, I'm sore in all the right places and perhaps best yet, I'm feeling re-energized and awake from the challenge of trying something new.

This coming week I'll be going into week 2 of the program which means I get to add an extra fruit serving every day! This program is designed to really prevent plateaus (more on that HERE), which is why my calories will change or "zigzag" every week. 

I also expect the workouts to ramp up in intensity this week. So far they have been do-able. I have a former ACL injury in one knee and was frankly worried that it would start acting up , but so far there have been NO problems! 

This week also marks the start of my challenge group for this program, and I'm really looking forward to motivating and helping my clients with their results, even as I work on my own!

Are you ready to try something new? There are still a few spots to join my November 7th group. Email me or reach out via this form and let's get you signed up!

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