Core de Force - Week 2 Recap

Well folks that's it! Core de Force week 2 is in the books, and I'm at the halfway point in the program. While I'm not going to share my FULL results yet, see below for some of my key observations, and what comes next!

Fitness: The workouts ramped up in intensity this week, and duration. I found that cardio-wise this REALLY challenged me. There isn't much of a break between rounds, and I commonly found myself gasping for air. The program does also focus on upper body strength, and that's always a challenge for me, as it's virtually impossible for me to put on muscle in my arms! The good news here, is that despite the increased degree of difficulty,  I did feel stronger! I suspect that next week will bring more of the same.

Some days are harder than others!

Some days are harder than others!

Nutrition: This week started the 'zigzag' portion of the program. This means that I got to add an extra fruit serving to my meal plan every day. I was still hungry this week but it definitely wasn't as severe as the first week. Having that extra fruit serving was definitely a welcome addition to my meal plan. I really do appreciate also that I am able to have some treats (in moderation of course). I'm still holding strong on the processed sugar - no candy at this point. I've had limited chocolate and alcohol which was much needed change. 


Early Results: Well, I'm not going to share too much yet because I want it to be a surprise but let's just say I"m happy so far. The number on the scale is changing and I can visibly seem my shape changing - in particular in my core area. Seeing these early results is giving me the motivation to stay strong and keep going with the good choices. Mentally, I feel much more 'clear' and am thrilled to not be fighting cravings that are AS intense...admittedly the sweets craving never really vanishes completely!

So, what's next? Well, the zigzag is going to continue this week in an AMAZING way with the addition of a healthy fat! So, I'll have an additional fruit serving AND healthy fat like hummus. My meal plan is attached here and I'm looking forward to trying some new meals! My willpower will also be tested this weekend, as we are going away for the night on Friday and on Saturday night we'll be going out to dinner. I can do this!

Next week's workouts continue at an intense level, and I feel ready. The core rotation and kicks are doing great things for me, and I can't wait to see the changes that come in the next two weeks!

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