My Holiday Balance

The season of seemingly endless temptation, stress and all the cookies, drinks and food has arrived. Here is how I'm balancing it all so that I can get through the season with my health and happiness intact.

Balanced Nutrition

What exactly does this mean? It means that I control what I can, when I can. On days I'm doing my mom thang, I eat 5 meals a day, try to keep it clean with reasonable portions and avoid sugar and alcohol. On days that I know I'm going to a party or out later that night, I will have a healthy breakfast with Ezekiel taste or granola, then steer clear of carbs for the rest of the day. At night, I'll indulge but I try to keep it to two servings, and alternate my drinks with water. 


It's getting dark at what feels like noon, the sun is hiding and holy HELL it's cold here in NJ. Even when every bone in my body is crying out to just stay in my cozy bed or curl up by the fire...I workout. For me...there is NO excuse for not getting it done. I have PLENTY of options to keep it to 30 minutes and under and not skip that essential workout. This time of year, not only is it key for keeping up with my physical health, but it could not be more important to stay on an even keel emotionally.


It's ironic that the time of year I LEAST feel like planning is when I have to do it most! My meal plans look a bit different this month - they are usually scrawled on a piece of paper (although I've taken a bit more care for you here this week), and I keep it SIMPLE. Nonetheless, having something even jotted down on a piece of paper goes a long way this time of year to keeping me on track. I post it on the fridge so that my family can see, and that also helps with accountability. 

Mental Health

I find this one SO easy to just completely ignore in the chaos of the holidays. In fact, I spent YEARS doing so. Not anymore. I have inspirational podcasts, personal growth books on happiness, badassery and empowerment on repeat. Also, don't dismiss the power of friends. I think for most of us this season is social but for some it can be terribly lonely. Never hesitate to give a family member or friend you haven't spoken to in a while a call. Just making that connection will bring you happiness. 

So that's it folks. Above all, I am striving to remember the beauty of the season and all the blessings I'm lucky enough to have in my life. December is always a blur, so part of the battle is just trying to savor the memories. Cheers to a few more weeks in 2016 of friends, fun and health and's ON.