Meal Plan Like You Mean It

Meal plans are SO key in getting your act together in terms of health and nutrition, but it can be overwhelming to just...start. Here are some of my key tips for planning like a boss. You'll never go back!

1. Pick a format, any format. When I first started this exercise, my meal plans were very detailed and aways color coded in Excel. Now, I use fun Knock Knock pads and hand write everything. Do what feels best for you, not what you think you are supposed to do! Initially I was drawn to the exercise of being as detailed as possible, whereas now I just like to have a fun notepad and color to look at when I do it!

2. Keep it SIMPLE. Before you create a plan, start review of your actual schedule for the week. IF it's going to be a crazy one, I recommend keeping your meals SUPER simple. That's when I choose to put very basic meals into the rotation like salad with rotisserie chicken, slow cooker mains and quite often dishes that I've frozen in advance.

3. Plan for leftovers. I have dinner leftovers for lunch almost every day. This saves a lot of time, not only during the prep phase, but when you actually plan out your meals as well. Using your leftovers in an intentional way makes the whole process much easier.

4. Plan for treats. Build room into your plan for balance and occasions where you plan to be eating out. The beauty of meal planning is that you can look at what you may have coming up, and balance accordingly. If I have a dinner out planned during my week, I'll intentionally go low on crabs and high on the veggies during the day so that I can indulge a bit later on.

5. Keep it interesting. I'd say that simplicity is key, but as you start meal planning more frequently, try to have fun with it. I am constantly checking out cookbooks from the library and adding to my own collection for inspiration, The resources are truly endless. I could have a new dinner every night just from the gorgeous photos I see on my social media daily!

I hope that helps! Need more help? Email me ( or comment below and I'd be happy to discuss any questions you may have, and how I can help YOU!