Ratatouille Round Up

Ratatouille, as defined by Wikipedia: "The Larousse Gastronomique claims "according to the purists, the different vegetables should be cooked separately, then combined and cooked slowly together until they attain a smooth, creamy consistency", so that (according to the chair of the Larousse's committee Joël Robuchon) "each [vegetable] will taste truly of itself." 

I decided this week on a whim to whip up this revered french dish for dinner. That's right, I clearly missed the memo about "cooking separately" and "cooking slowly". As much as I'd love to be in a Provencal farmhouse kitchen peeling 6 pounds of tomatoes and simmering them for hours...that's not quite my reality.

I ended up with something that was a success, but probably more of a veggie sauté.. It was delicious, and perfect for a chilly spring night. However, I don't have a recipe for you because it's something I ended up compiling on the fly!

Because I do LOVE a good ratatouille (even my hacked version), I'm including some links here that may do the trick and seem easier to whip up for the rest of us. I will definitely be trying at least one of them. Enjoy!