Ultimate Reset Day 19

Well....it turns out that Day 19 may have been one of my hardest yet. With my son's family birthday party AND the Super Bowl both in the same day, it has been really quite difficult to not indulge, even a little bit. Mental note...next time do NOT plan to be doing this on one of the biggest food days of the year! 

I am proud to say that I stayed strong! Despite feeling a bit cranky today about the things I could not have, it was a good day and I know that tomorrow I will be grateful for these choices unlike many. I see this exercise as much about strengthen my physical body as I do strengthening my willpower muscle. If I never exercise it, how will it get stronger? This definitely was a day of exercise on that front!

What I Ate:

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit Bowl

Lunch: Microgreens Salad 

Snack: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology, Chia Seeds, Frozen Whole Strawberries

Dinner: Mediterranean Roasted Beets, Brown Rice, Coconut Braised Kale

All in all, today was difficult but I'm happy to have been faced with this challenge and come through the other side. Now, on to the last two days!