Ultimate Reset Days 17 and 18

Oh my goodness, I forgot to post Day 17! I'm sorry about that! Yesterday was Friday, and it went well aside from my seemingly weekly (on Friday nights) craving for a cocktail! I also really have found myself quite hungry since starting Round 3, so I've added some calories back in today and that seems to have done the trick!

One thing I haven't mentioned is my sleep. It has gotten a LOT more sleep since starting the Reset. Interestedly, my dreams have been crazy! The've been extremely vivid and detailed. Unlike anything I've experienced before really. I understand that this is common and all part of the cleanse process. It's pretty amazing how changes in our nutrition can so immediately impact our energy levels, and what happens when we sleep at night.

Overall, my energy level is still great and I'm just loving this sense of clarity!

Day 17 Meals

Day 17 Meals

Today was Day 18, and now I just have 3 days left! As I get closer to the finish line I'm finding myself thinking much more now about things like peanut butter, wine and maybe a little chocolate! I've learned that doing a cleanse is as much psychological as it is everything else!

What I Ate:

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit Bowl

Lunch: Microgreens Salad w Avocado + Zucchini Soup (not on meal plan but I needed extra food)

Dinner: Garlic Veggies, Sweet Potato with herbs (This dinner was swapped in from an earlier day this week, which is approved on this plan!)