Ultimate Reset Day 11

Day 11 for me was a Saturday and it was a good one! I've been thinking back a lot to this time last week, and can't believe how far I've come in terms of the way I feel. Simply put, I feel less fatigue, a sense of absolute clarity (even as I write this at 7PM, normally a time on Saturday night I'd be almost falling asleep), I feel calmer and I feel that I'm really developing a new relationship with food. It isn't always easy, I still fight cravings mainly for alcohol and just picking at the kids' foods while they are eating but it's much easier than before.

All of these changes are things I've read about but never foresaw myself being able to actually implement for myself. It's astonishing to me just how many benefits can come from eliminating sugar, dairy and meat products from my diet. We really ARE what we eat!

What I Ate:

Breakfast: Fruit bowl with oatmeal

Lunch: Quinoa-Lentil Pilaf, Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Optional Snack: Vegan Shakeology with mixed frozen berries and flaxseed

Dinner: Miso vegetable "stew", quinoa with nori gomasio, sautéed swiss chard