Ultimate Reset Day 1

I started my Ultimate Reset journey this morning with excitement, a bit of nerves and an open mind. I talked a bit about this in my Ultimate Reset post, but my main goals for the next 21 Days are to gain a great sense of clarity, reduce my dependence on sugar and alcohol and become more mindful of how my emotions are related to my food choices.

This morning I got up at the usual time and did some light yoga followed by meditation. Rigorous exercise is not recommended as part of this program and I have to say, I'm looking forward to changing things up and taking a bit of a break. I do plan to continue with light yoga and meditation pretty much every day!

Here is a breakdown of the my eating for the day:

Breakfast: 2 Scrambled Eggs, Steamed Spinach, Whole Grain Toast (I use Ezekiel brand)

Lunch: Microgreens Salad (a large bowl portion!) and Miso Soup. The soup was shockingly easy to prepare. I can't believe I've been ordering this for take out all these years!

Optional Snack: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

Dinner: Spice and olive oil marinated salmon, steamed baby potatoes, steamed asparagus

Food conclusion: I loved all of the meals today! I was a little bit hungry but honestly attribute that more to latent sugar cravings and lack of proper hydration than food! I'd make any of these meals again in a snap.

How I Feel: I have to admit, I feel better today than I thought I would! I am feeling a bit more tired than usual but luckily have not had any withdrawal headaches. It's not a great feeling to have my energy so low, but I know this will improve as the days go on. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Now...for sleep!