Core de Force - Day 30 Results

Just like that, I've reached the 30 day mark of Core de Force! It's hard to believe that I started on Halloween and finished right after Thanksgiving. Time is moving WAY too quickly these days for my liking...make it stop! Below, I'm going to go into my thoughts on the program so far, and what I've got coming up next!

Physical Results


The most dramatic physical difference is the new-found definition in my core area. I am NOT someone who has ever had a strong core. In fact, I remember as early as 10 or 11 being self-conscious about my tummy. After 3 babies, 2 of them c-sections, I truly thought it would only get worse.

I hate sit-ups and working my abs is just something that I tend to give up on pretty easily. For me, the most dramatic part of these past 30 days has been the changes I've seen and felt in the composition of my mid-section.  The fact that I've found something that allows me to work this area, but not even realize I'm doing it, is a huge win.

My cardio endurance is also way up. The workouts get progressively harder, which means that my strength was tested. I feel SO much stronger now, and although some of the longer workouts were a bit torturous, I'm glad that I did them!


You may notice that I appear to be much less bloated now. Leading up to Core de Force, my sugar habit had come roaring back and my drinking (not water) was on the uptick. For my body type, that all goes right to my stomach. In fact, as the temperatures started decreasing I was just rotating my two pairs of boyfriend jeans, because my others had just gotten too uncomfortable around the waistline. Much like when I was trying to lose my pregnancy weight, I was hiding.

Re-focusing on clean eating, correct portions, and curbing my alcohol and sugar habit clearly contributed dramatically to my progress. I ate 5 meals a day according to the nutrition guide. I also DID have treats, but dramatically less than before, and I was mindful about it. I got through Halloween AND Thanksgiving just fine. 

I also believe the 'zigzagging' part of this program really worked for me. Increasing my calorie intake in weeks 2 and 3 meant I was NEVER hungry, and I appreciate that the harder workouts were paired with this in order to balance everything out. 


The length of the workouts was a bit of a struggle. The first week, they are shorter - average about 30-35 minutes, but in the second and third week the workouts increase in length. The good news is that they are often paired up - meaning one longer workout is paired with a shorter 15 minute workout. For this round, I had the time to do both, but in the future if I have less time, I'll simply skip the second workout or save it to later in the day. I found that getting through the longer workouts also required a bit of strength mentally. There is something about that 30 minute number that just kind of makes anything do-able. About 3 weeks in, I started listening to podcasts during my workouts and the truth is, nothing worth having comes easily! I KNEW that if I wanted to finally see results, I'd have to dig deep and put in extra effort. I'm so glad now that I stuck out those longer workouts, because the results speak for themselves.

Other Wins

Perhaps the biggest victory for me is that feeling of accomplishment from finishing one round of this program. Doing the punches and kicks every day really felt empowering. When I started, I felt uncoordinated, and wasn't sure how well I could do it. By the end, I really have been having fun and feel like a badass warrior ninja! Who doesn't want to feel like that?!

Up Next!

Up next is another round of Core de Force, following the Deluxe calendar of this program. It will be many of the same exercises, with new ones thrown in as well as an agility ladder. I'm excited to see where I can take these results next! Frankly I'm also very glad to have the support of my new challenge group and this program to help take me through the next few holiday week. This gal will NOT be falling off the wagon anytime soon.

Need help getting through the holidays with balance? Feel free to email me or comment below! I do still have a few spots open in my current challenge group but it starts TOMORROW, so time is almost out. If post-holiday is more your style, I'll have a new group starting at the very end of the month!