Time for a Plan

If you've ever heard the saying that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% diet, you'd be correct. There are many scientific reasons for this, and I won't bore you with that here. What I do believe is that with better nutrition we just feel better. 

In my younger days (you know, just a few years ago), I would tend to mix a pretty bad diet with a heavy amount of exercise. I figured that I'd just 'burn off' any bad choices the next day. The truth is, despite my younger age, I often felt tired, bloated and irritable during this time as well. As we get older, the truth is that we just can't outrun our eating habits anymore, not matter how much we try!

In the past few months, my nutrition has started to get off balance. The alcohol consumption has gone up, as has my sugar intake and portions. I feel it in the form of increased fatigue, irritability and mental fog, but I also feel it in my waistline. Pants that once were comfortable are starting to become...well, NOT. Yes, I work out every single day. In fact, it's hard for me to take a rest day. Still...it's not enough. I need to be doing better.

It's time for me to make a change, and I’m going to be doing that with a brand new program coming out this week, called Core de Force. The nutrition program is based on clean eating and portion control. It’s about being mindful and balanced…having treats but not ALL the treats. 

First things first, is planning. I believe that one of the keys to success is having a meal plan. Once I started doing this, it was a complete game changer (not to mention HUGE time saver for me). Gone are the days of standing in front of the fridge wondering what to eat! Now, I just have to do a lot better at really sticking to this plan, which I will be doing over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll join me here and on social media as I document my progress!

Meal Plan

Even better…why not join me for some group accountability? My next challenge group starts November 7th, and we will be doing this program together. If you are interested, fill out an application below,or visit my event here: Core de Force November Challenge Group.

I can’t wait to share this new journey with you, and I’d love to hear from you below if you have ever struggled with your nutrition!


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