How to Stay Fit While Traveling

For a lot of us, summer is a time for travel. Usually this means a break from routine, and exercise can be hard to come by. Although sticking to your usual routine is nearly impossible, there is a way to actually get in great exercise while on the road. It requires a bit of forethought, some planning and an open mind....but it IS possible!

1. Walk or Run Outside: I know, this seems pretty obvious, but in the warmer months, this is such a great way to get out and explore. Plan out your route ahead of time to prevent any last minute fear of getting lost, make sure to pack those sneakers and get out there. I feel strongly that the REAL way to see a city or new spot is on foot, and getting in a workout at the same time kills two birds with one stone!

2. Online Streaming: There are SO many options these days for short and efficient workouts that you can do anywhere! Here are a few of my favorites that do not require any extra equipment. Note: The Beachbody workouts can be downloaded to an app prior to your trip, then streamed with no wifi necessary!

T25 Total Body Circuit via Beachbody on Demand
Core de Force - MMA Shred via Beachbody on Demand
Tone it Up Daily Workouts
PopSugar Fitness Channel via YouTube

3. Yoga (natch!): Ideally this is done in a yoga studio, with a mat, where you can really get your flow on...but when traveling, anything goes. Throw down a towel, or just practice on a cushioned surface and look online for guided flows. Some of my favorites include: Yoga with Adriene, Alo Yoga flows

4. Take a Class: Have a favorite class that you like to do at home? It may very well exist where you are going! Before you leave, don't be afraid to see if they offer the class in your location and sign up for it in advance. Trying a class in a totally new location, with new people can go a long way toward helping to get you out of a rut and spicing things up. Not to mention giving you a killer workout while traveling!

5. Take the stairs: No seriously. Change your mindset. ALWAYS take the stairs whenever and wherever you can. If you can walk or take a cab...walk. Basically, try to get in as many steps during a day as you can. Vacation is a time to relax, but it's also important to keep your body moving and maintain that energy so that when you come back the re-entry process is a liiiiiittle bit easier!

I'd love to hear about YOUR favorite workouts on the road! Let me know in the comments below!