Ultimate Reset - Week 2 Recap

Week 2 is over! There have been times when this has gone by slowly, but now looking back I can't believe I'm already at day 15! Week 2 overall was much better than week 1, and I feel like I really got my footing and the hang of the food preparation.

How I Felt:

I started the week feeling a much greater sense of clarity mentally, and the fatigue had worn off. However I was HUNGRY! Given that my goal is not to lose weight, I started adding a bit more calories to my morning fruit bowl, and grains for dinner if needed. That seems to have done the trick, and as the week went on my appetite leveled out and seemed to even diminish. 

There were tough moments. I really missed my Friday night glass of wine, and found it extremely difficult to not have that comfort on the weekend. Weekends are usually filled with a lot of activity with my kiddos and can be challenging. It's clear to me that I rely on that cocktail or glass of wine as a comfort! The trick going forward is going to be learning how to balance it all a bit better. Thanks to this program I'm learning that I don't NEED alcohol as a source of comfort. I also must say that waking up Saturday and Sunday completely clear headed and with a pep in my step was just magical!

There are some wonderful things that have happened these past two weeks. I've noticed that my sense of clarity is off the charts. I no longer wake up congested (yes, the clarity goes to the physical and emotional!), and I have more energy not only first thing in the morning but throughout the day. I do get more tired as the day goes on, but that 3PM crash is gone! My husband has been doing this with me as well and our relationship has gotten stronger through this as well. I'm so grateful to have had a partner in all of this!

What's Next:

Next up is Phase 3! This phase is called 'Restore' and the nutrition gets scaled down to mainly fruits and vegetables. I have found that meals that would never have satisfied me two weeks ago are now more than enough, but it does seem a bit daunting to see only veggies for dinner. My plan is to supplement with grains when needed, as I do not really want to lose more weight.

Onward to phase 3 and I can't wait to show you my results and to do a big recap post of my whole experience!