Ultimate Reset Day 14

Day 14..and the LAST day of Phase 2! I can hardly believe it! Today was a sick day for two of my boys, which means it's been a long one over here. Tomorrow I promise I will post all my thoughts about Phase 2 and my meal plan for Phase 3.

In the meantime, today I really was struck by how much my appetite has shrunk. I need to do a little more research into this but it's kind of amazing. I vividly remember just a week ago looking at the meal planned for this evening (edamame succotash with steamed kale) and thinking that it would NEVER be enough. Would you believe I almost wasn't even hungry for dinner? Definitely a far cry from when I first started the program and needed to do some balancing to even out my hunger! I do believe my body is adjusting. 

I also put on pants that were not leggings (things got crazy over here today) and they felt a lot looser in the waist. I'm looking forward to taking those measurements in a week to really quantify just how much progress I've made! 

In the meantime, food today was on point and I resisted strong cravings for THE WINE this evening. All in all, a win!

What I Ate:

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit Bowl

Lunch: Microgreens Salad, Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup

Optional Snack: Vegan Shakeology + Chia Seeds + Water + Frozen Strawberries

Dinner: Lemon Kale and Edamame Succotash (this was DELICIOUS)