Ultimate Reset Day 15

Today was my first foray into Phase 3 of the reset. Once again, I found that the food was a welcome surprise. It all tasted delicious, from my fresh fruit in the morning to the baked potato and veggies for dinner. A dinner that normally would seem bland and boring to me was in fact delightful! I know....I almost feel a bit ridiculous writing this and probably wouldn't believe it if I hadn't just gone through it myself. One of the amazing things that has happened with this reset is that my taste buds and appetite have clearly changed. Being able to really TASTE my food and enjoy its simplicity is such a gift!

What I Ate:

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit Bowl

Lunch: Asian Cabbage Salad, Miso Soup

Optional Snack: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with hemp seeds and frozen strawberries

Dinner: Baked sweet potato, Garlic Veggies

All in all an awesome start to Phase 3. I'm so happy to NOT feel deprived!