Ultimate Reset Day 7 & Week 1 Recap

Day 7 of the Reset, and it's the end of Phase 1! I'm feeling better and better, and loved the food options for today. Below is a little recap of how I feel after one week of this program:

What I ate (Day 7):

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Flaxseed, Apples and organic yogurt (I may be becoming an oatmeal person!)

Lunch: Microgreen Salad, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Homemade garlic dressing, Zucchini-Cashew Soup

Optional Snack: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

Dinner: Southwestern Veggie Taco (one of my favorite meals from week 1)

How I feel after 7 Days:

Emotionally, it's been a week of ups and downs. Looking back, those first few days weren't easy. The most I ever felt was a mild headache, but the fatigue was significant. I know this is a form of detox, and signals that I likely haven't been getting the rest my body really craves. A remarkable difference I have noticed now on Day 7 is that those mid-afternoon slumps are GONE. It's crazy. I never thought I'd see the day where I didn't get at least a little sleepy come 3:00PM! 

The alcohol cravings have been intense..more so than sugar, surprisingly. This has made me realize just how much I was leaning on it to help smooth some of the rougher edges in my life. Although I won't become a teetotaler, having this window into how it feels to go through life without this crutch is extremely valuable and will inform my choices well into the future. More on this to come. There is also a component with my husband who is doing this with me. The weekend with our crazy kiddos and NO alcohol was NO JOKE for either of us. He has lost 6 pounds so far...unbelievably!

A huge win for me is that I feel calmer overall. I suspect this may be the absence of sugar in my diet, and I'm sitting up and taking notice. As a busy mama who is constantly juggling the whims of three little people, having this sense of calm is VERY helpful both morning and night!

Physically, I feel that I have more energy overall, and stamina later in the day. I am a notorious morning person, and usually by the time my husband walks in the door at 8PM or so I'm just crushed. I'm still not bouncing around at this hour, but actually able to function! I also feel my waistband is a bit looser on my jeans...always a win!

What's Next?

Phase 2 is all about "release". The real detoxification process kicks off in earnest this week. This week will also complete the transition to a full vegan diet. I'm not going to lie, being vegan 100% even for a day scares me! This is going to be an interesting experiment. 

You'll notice that I'm not always comfortable, but I"m learning SO much through this experiment that it's well worth it to me. Being pushed out of my usual comfort level has thus far allowed me to feel better, to gain renewed enthusiasm for cooking in a new way, and to have a stronger bond with my husband.

Onward to day 8!