How To Make A Change

Ah change. It's so difficult to get out of our comfort zone! We are conditioned as humans to avoid risk, and stick with the past of least resistance. Living an ordinary life, with as little change as possible.

Is change easy? NO. But living a passionate, inspired life is the better path to take. We only get this one shot, and why not make the most of it? Do you feel that you want to do more, that you want to take some risks, but aren't sure how to make it happen? Are you too scared of change to make your dreams come true?

The choice is yours. It IS in your power to dare to make that change and take the path less traveled. The rewards are greater in every way. It's so easy to get stuck, and submit to all of that negative chatter that tells you that you aren't good enough, or all of the reasons WHY you can't make your dreams come true.

When I started the 21 Day Fix about a year ago, I was stuck. Deep down, I felt that I was meant for something bigger, but I had no idea how to make it happen or even if I ever could. Starting a new fitness program and learning about clean eating lit a spark in me, and I felt my passion coming back. It's amazing how a simple shift or CHANGE can do this.

At the time, it was a risk. I had never done a program like it before and felt hesitant about committing to this 'Shakeology' drink and home workouts. Plus...I barely posted on Facebook and the idea of a Challenge Group felt uncomfortable to say the least. But, you know what? I did it. And my WHOLE LIFE changed.

Now, I'm a coach, I've taken control of my destiny, I'm pursuing my passion doing work I love. My confidence has grown, I'm helping people every day, contributing to my family and have met a group of women that are teammates, and have become some of my best friends. This past year I've worked hard, and found out two weeks ago that my coach (and good friend) was going to take me on a success club trip in recognition for my hard work this past year. I'm making a difference, and making my dreams a reality.

I'm part of the top team in the company, and we are a community that helps one another to be successful. We work together, laugh together and support each other as part of a family and shared community.

My team is growing, and I'm looking for other women who are positive, are go-getters and looking to make a difference. I want to help you learn the business and see you RUN with it!

I will be offering a Sneak Peek into exactly what I do as a coach starting Monday, March 21st.

This will be followed by my exclusive new coach training starting Monday April 4th.

What will you learn?

- How to start your business

- How to share and not sell

- How to use social media to grow your area of influence

- How to start your first challenge group (we will start together)

- How to set realistic and achievable goals for your business

- We will have a weekly small group call and 1:1 mentoring and support as needed

As part of my team, you will not have to re-invent the wheel.  I'm part of the #1 team in the network, and you will have access to all of our trainings, team calls, templets recordings and more.

Are YOU ready to make a change?

If so, don't delay!  Now is the time!!!

Make sure you request to join the March 21st sneak peek event by clicking here:  



{You are not eligible to participate if you are already a coach}