22 Minute Hard Corps - Week 1 Results

22 Minute Hard Corps arrived this week and I think I'm in love. Just a little background - this is Tony Horton's latest program, and the workouts alternate between resistance, cardio, HIIT, and core focus. It's an 8 week program - 6 days a week - for just 22 MINUTES!

I ordered the deluxe kit, and luckily was able to access it online in 24 hours and stream it all on my laptop. I did my first workout on Thursday. That first workout was cardio based, and included lunges, bear crawls, burps, jumping jacks and squats. I followed it up with a specialized 10 minute core workout that was created as part of the program. I don't think I ever stopped moving, and it really felt great to get a sweat. I also noted that there were modifications available for each move.

Here is a little video of my first workout:

Here is what my schedule will look like this week (also on my meal plan). MY coach is taking me on a 5 day cruise starting Saturday, so you'll see my plan stopping a little early for the week. However, I plan to eat healthy and indulge in some treats as well. I believe in moderation and balance, especially on vacation!

Tomorrow:  Resistance 2 Tuesday:  Cardio 2 and Core 1 Wednesday: Resistance 1 Thursday:  Cardio 2 and Core 1 Friday: Resistance 1 Saturday:  OFF Day Sunday: CRUISE workout - 21 Day Fix!

I spent time today getting my meal plan in place for the week. I used the nutrition guide (also online via streaming) to figure out my calorie range and nutrition category.There are 5 different plans to choose from based on your weight and goals.

Your food choices are broken down into 7 groups: Veggies, Fruits, Proteins, Carbs, Healthy Fats, Seeds & Dressings and Oils & Nut butters.

Your goal is to choose from each list and put together your meals. The plan also offers guidance about how many servings of each food group to eat during meals, which helps give an extra level of support.

Here is my game plan for the next week!  I always say to keep it simple, repeat your meals for the first week and don't over complicate things.  Once you get the hang of the prep and planning then you can start to change up the recipes.

I am also going to be using the Beachbody Performance Line as well.  I drink the pre workout Energize before my workout to give me that boost of energy and clarity.  Then I drink the post workout recover to facilitate muscle repair and manage my exercise induced muscle soreness. I started using the performance line about 2 months ago and have absolutely seen my results improve from using it. I swear by it now!

8 weeks from now we are in full SPRING weather and Summer is a MONTH AWAY!  Everyone has 22 minutes to devote to themselves.  You always find time for the things you want most!  Let me help you stay motivated, get started and see results. There is still time to join my next challenge group! We start preseason tomorrow, March 7th.   #GETSOME

So...here we go! Off on a fun new adventure. Follow me on my like page (Good Better Best) or Instagram for my updates, progress and results!