A Week in Paradise

Well, it's been a little quiet here, hasn't it?! I'm so sorry for that, but the truth is I've been jet-setting.....I'm kidding. Kind of!

3 weeks ago I got the word that mycoach and friend wanted to take me on an all expenses paid cruise to Jamaica and The Bahamas in recognition for being one of the top performers on her team. After thinking about it (for about 5 seconds) and mulling over the logistics with my very supportive husband (a little longer...) I was IN! This was a cruise that Beachbody chartered for their top performing coaches, and I was lucky enough to go along for the ride.

This naturally came as a surprise, and honestly I'm still taking in all that has happened. It's hard to believe that a year ago I was a tentative mom of 3 who joined the 21 Day Fix to get back my spark, and regain my physical health. Just a year later, and I'm on a cruise to paradise, all because I helped people live their best life this year. Hard to believe!

And now for some highlights of our trip!

We definitely took advantage of full RELAXATION mode. There was so much to do on the boat, but we are two moms with young children very much in the thick of it in our daily home lives. We wanted to kick back and relax, and we did everything from indulge in LOTS of sleep, sip icy cold beverages, lounge sessions by the pool, and lots of time hanging out with new friends and fellow coaches.

We also were lucky enough to have dinner with the leader of our larger team and #1 coach in the company - Melanie Mitro. Having this opportunity to get to know her and other coaches on the team in this intimate setting was priceless. We all got to know each other better, and I'm just so grateful to have been there. I met some truly inspiring women and feel like I made friends for life!

Another highlight of the trip was live workouts with master trainers every morning. We did doubles every day but one, and let me tell you, we got our butts kicked and loved every minute of it (naturally).

On the boat were Autumn Calabrese, Sagi Kalev, Tony Horton (he did his new program - 22 Minute Hard Corps) and brand new trainers Joel and Jericho who had an AWESOME worked based in HIIT moves. Music blasting, the sun breaking overhead, ocean breezes with about 3,000 other coaches passionate about health and fitness,....well it's safe to say I have never experienced anything like it! I felt a real sense of being in the EXACT right spot in the exact right time.

The second excursion of the cruise was a trip to Jamaica. We spent the day on a beautiful secluded beach with fellow coaches and their husbands. The water was clear and warm, and we had a lot of fun taking countless pictures (it's what we do), getting to know each other better, and enjoying yummy tropical drinks. This day will absolutely be one of my favorite memories. To me, one of the best parts of this trip was the new relationships that were formed. Being part of a larger team and having friends going through this journey at the same time is not only helpful, but it's rewarding and enriches my life in so many ways.

Our last day was spent lounging by the pool, reading, and just generally enjoying our last day of relaxation! We took advantage to the fullest!

A year ago, I was a frustrated mom. I was tired of putting my needs after everyone else's, frustrated with my softening body, and mentally clouded. I knew there was more, something better out there for me. I so wanted to get out of my funk, but didn't know how! I had dreams, but was on the cusp of letting them go...convinced that as a mom I just couldn't have it all. Doing the 21 Day Fix was a leap, and felt like a risk, but something told me it might lead to more.

I was right. It led to more than I ever could have imagined. If you know you are meant for something bigger, or have curiosity about something, take the leap and don't ignore the signs.

If you are at all interested in what I do as a coach, or health coaching in general with Beachbody, our team will be hosting a 5 day sneak peek via closed Facebook group starting Monday, March 21st. No obligations at all, and you can tune in throughout the week as you'd like. One post a day...an inside look at coaching and this amazing experience. Next year, maybe we will be going on this trip together!

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if you are interested in this group, or feel free to email me at bcortell@gmail.com.

Remember, it's NEVER too late for a second act and sometimes you just have to leap and trust that you will land in the right place!