Living Outside The Lines

This weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Pittsburgh, PA for a training event geared toward coaches in Beachbody. It involved getting on a plane and leaving behind my family, interacting with people that I talk to every day (but had never met), going somewhere I'd never been, and doing things I'd never done. I was nervous to say the least, and it took a lot for me to book the tickets.

I love travel, and I love what I'm doing with health coaching, but this weekend meant that it was time for me to step outside the lines that I've drawn for myself (some knowingly and some not so much) these past several years.

You know, just a typical Friday night hanging out with the CEO of a billion dollar company!

You know, just a typical Friday night hanging out with the CEO of a billion dollar company!

Jumping into the unknown is never easy, but it's rarely without value. In this case, it was a huge step for me! We heard from the company CEO, Carl Daikeler, on Friday night, as well as a very inspiring speech from Autumn Calabrese - Master Trainer and the creator of the 21 Day Fix. Saturday was team training led by the #1 coach in the company, Melanie Mitro, followed by a delicious team lunch, and then a big party that night for our entire team. It was a whirlwind of friends, fun and tons of great new information.

In the end, my biggest takeaways aren't tangible. What I will remember are the relationships that were formed and the sheer joy of sharing a passion with so many like-minded people. Did we all look and act the same? No. But to me, that's the beauty of this experience. You don't need to look like a supermodel to lead and inspire. You just need to have the passion, the drive and the willingness to help make a difference.

Leaving our comfort zone is never easy. As we get older it's just so.freaking.hard. After I had my third son, travel kind of just became impossible for us for a while as we struggled to keep our heads above water on a daily basis. Life is still hectic (and we struggle often), but in the past year I've had the opportunity to take a breath and really take steps toward putting on my own oxygen mask.

To me, that's what this weekend was about...heck that's what this JOB is about. Helping people gives me air, it gives me a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment that is hard to explain. Being around others who share this passion, well that was just heaven! It's often a lot easier to just say "I can't" rather than trying to figure out how we can. Leaving my family for a weekend involved a lot of logistics and some teary children. It certainly would have been easier to just forget it and stay put. With the support of my amazing husband, I was able to put my fears aside and really step into something new and challenge myself.

I've returned feeling invigorated, proud of myself and even more excited about my role and health coaching. I love inspiring others and changing lives as my own changes right at the same time. I don't want to live a life inside the lines. I know it's not my path. To me, travel and following my passion is freedom, and although it may not be conventional or convenient, I hope to keep stepping outside those lines for as long as I can.

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