Flying the Coop

This weekend I'm flying the coop SOLO, on a PLANE (I'm just a little excited....) to a Super Saturday in Pittsburgh, which is essentially a mini convention for Beachbody health coaches. The lead coach for my larger team, Melanie Mitro, was just ranked #1 in the entire company for the second year in a row, and I truly feel grateful to be part of a such an amazing team within a much bigger company.

I  am nervous, excited and just really thrilled to have an opportunity to keep pursuing this passion of mine. I also am going to spend time with the women who are my direct teammates, including my coach, who I haven't seen in person in years! We talk literally every day and have been through ups and downs together every step of the way. It’s funny, I only started this path about a year ago, but I feel like these women truly are my family. I also haven’t seen them in person ONCE, so this opportunity to hang out is going to be just awesome.

So, I’m off! I’m looking forward to posting a recap here next week in addition to my thoughts on health coaching, making changes and getting out of your comfort zone. Have a great weekend!!!!