Happy Place Friday - February 26th

What made me happy this week?

  • Son #3 snapping out of a 1.5 week post vacation phase of crib jumping, clinging and crying...a LOT
  • Skiing with my oldest son for the first time in years
  • Meeting with a new friend to discuss a fun health and wellness-related project for early April
  • Talking to potential new coaches for my team
  • Date night
  • BEST ONE: Getting invited to go on an ALL EXPENSES PAID cruise by my coach. Super super happy!


This made me really feel the feelings....I can't. Dare ya not to cry.

The Oscars are on Sunday! This is 100% my jam. What fashions do you want to see?

I may need to figure out how to get my son in on this.

Facebook introduced new emojis! This is huge! I like them....what do you think?

Desk dining. I did this EVERY day when I worked in an office and still tend to default to shoveling food down my throat in front of the computer on busy days. It's not a good thing!

This is the time of year when I'm really itching for warm weather. Cruising blogs like this helps.

Happy Friday!