Keys to Healthy Eating: Meal Planning

I'm getting ready to start Hammer & Chisel on Monday and am so excited to start a new program!

I really believe that success with any health and nutrition program starts with planning. I do a meal plan every week to keep myself on track and to save time having to think about meals. Being able to just see everything laid out easily is such a time saver!

With this new program I'm going up a calorie bracket because I want to put on some muscle, which means I can eat more food! Not a problem. I tend to do my meal planning on Wednesday, and then shop Thursday and Monday.

At first it may seem hard to steal away for an hour or two to think about all your meals for the week, but it really is such a time saver to do it this way.

Admittedly, this plan is a bit elaborate because I'm starting a new program. Even if you just write something on a piece of paper, it can be a huge help.

I'm starting a challenge group on Monday, December 14th and would love to help you create your OWN meal plan and learn how to successfully plan for better nutrition and wellness. Feel free to comment below or email me ( if you are interested!