Insanity Live Instructor Training!

One of my favorite at home workout programs is Insanity Max 30. In a nutshell, it consists of maximum interval training sessions and is a SERIOUS calorie burn all in just 30 minutes. When I saw that Danielle Natoni was going to be leading a certification session not far from me, I decided it was time to take the plunge. She's linked here, but she is the format expert for all Insanity Live programs, and when training comes up with her it's not one to miss!

Before the cute!

The day started with a quick chat and overview, then we jumped right into the master class with Danielle. The class is called "Insanity Live", which is a bit different than the at home Insanity product. It is based on the same core moves, but in my opinion it's even better in person! After working up a major sweat we went on to a break and more instruction.

After the class....dead.

Another highlight of the day came toward the end when it was time to practice leading a class ourselves. I ABSOLUTELY have a new appreciation for group fitness instructors. It's not easy to listen to music cues, actually DO the workout and speak at the same time. This part was SCARY, and I had to overcome a lot of fear to push myself, but I really did enjoy ever minute.

Now, it's on to some major practicing, and then my plan is to start teaching. This is something that I plan to do as a complement to my health coaching. In the end, my goal is always to help people live their best lives, and I think that group exercise is another great way to do that!

If you are at all curious about the certification process for Insanity Live, or would like to take a class with me, comment below!

Huge thanks to our Master Trainer for making this such a wonderful day!

Huge thanks to our Master Trainer for making this such a wonderful day!