Fitness Program Wrap Up & Next Steps

I finished my latest fitness program this past weekend (22 Minute Hard Corps), and wanted to give you my wrap up of this program.

I am happy to report that the cardio, combined with a renewed commitment to clean eating, resulted in a 7 pound weight loss, and I am certainly feeling stronger and more 'clear'. I also went for my first run of the season and amazingly, felt like I could have kept on going forever. Usually for my first run after the winter, I'm gasping for breath and need to stop several times! I attribute the cardio focus of this program to my strong start for my running efforts this summer!

This program really did a great job integrating both cardio AND weighted exercises to result in increased lean muscle. At first I found the 'boot camp' approach a little off putting, but over time I found myself enjoying the cadences and the fact that I knew what to expect. I also admit that I may have jumped in with the counting myself a time or two!

What's next? Today I began a 30 minute at home workout program called Insanity Max 30. Yes, it sounds a bit...well...insane, but at 30 minutes, I know I can do it. The good news is that there are also modifications and the idea is to 'max out' whenever you feel you need a break. I started today and have to say that I definitely 'maxed out' a few times, and am ok with it. This is another cardio, HIIT style workout, which honestly is what I crave this time of year as we head into summer. The temperature is heating up, and I need something challenging and intense to make sure that I stay on point with my workouts. This should fit the bill nicely.

I'm also including my meal plan for the week here. I will be sticking with the same calorie range that I used for 22 Minute Hard Corps, and am looking forward to tightening up my core area.

If you are interested in this program, let me know. It's majorly on sale this month and I'd love someone to do it with me! Feel free to contact me at!