November Challenge - Attitude of Gratitude

It’s a new month, and we are now in a sprint until the end of the year. These next two months can seem like a blur with holiday events and stress to go with them. Are you ready to enjoy yourself these two months in a healthy way? Or are you planning to just give up now and get back on track January 1?

Why not start now, and get to January 1 ahead of the game? How great would it feel to start the new year down 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or just plain feeling your BEST instead of knowing that you have a long road ahead? 

November 9 marks the start of one of my last 2015 challenge groups:

Here's what it's all about: ☑ 30-minute home workouts ☑ Simple to follow Eating Plan ☑ Portion-control containers that tell you EXACTLY what to eat ☑ Cheats allowed (yes, that includes wine and chocolate!) ☑ Eat up to 6x/day (REAL food) ☑ 1:1 Support ☑ 24/7 private online support + accountability group to keep you MOTIVATED & on track

Let's do this together! Comment below or email me at if you want more information. Let’s make it a strong finish to 2015!!!