Post Holiday Detox Water

I started the week feeling bloated and sluggish. I was in need of a detox and a switch back to my usual mode of clean eating. I've done formal detoxes before - my favorite being the 3 Day Refreshbut I think it's also good to know how to detox without a formal program. Enter WATER. It sounds so simple, but this is probably the #1 way you can detox your body. However, water can get Enter detox water! This is a fun way to spice up your water and make sure you are getting enough each day. How much should you be drinking? A good rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces. So if you weight 180 pounds, divide that by 2 and you've got your number - 90 ounces.

Benefits of drinking water include:

  • Healthy Skin: Your body is comprised of a whopping 70% of water. If you want that dewy glow you've got to keep up that water intake. Dehydration = wrinkled dry skin. Lots of water = proper kidney function and fluid production, which means great skin. I know what I'm choosing!
  • Controlling Caloric Intake: Instead of reaching for that sugary juice or soda, reach for water. It's often overlooked how much the empty calories from soda and sugar-laden juices can add to the waistline and lead to a host of health problems. Yes, juices are all the rage these days but be VERY careful. Many include a host of hidden sugars. Go simple instead!
  • Proper body function: I'm not going to go into details here because...ick. But drinking water keeps your system properly digesting food.
  • Reduces headaches and fatigue: I've had more than one client that has told me their headaches disappeared after bumping up their water consumption. Headaches are commonly caused by dehydration, and this is a great way to kick them to the curb.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to the good! See below for some detox water recipes. It can be boring to reach for plain water over and over again throughout the day. These will help spice things up a bit!

Medley Water

Ingredients (4 servings)

I recommend cutting up the ingredients in advance and using them each day.

I used a 24 ounce mason jar for this one. After drinking one serving I fill up my glass again with water.

1 cucumber 1 lemon 1 or 2 oranges 2 limes 1 bunch mint

Cut the fruit into slices and add to water. Add the mint sprigs as desired.

Apple Cinnamon Water

2 Fuji apples 1 t powdered cinnamon or 4 sticks Ice Water

Slice apples. Add each to 24 ounce mason jars or a large picture of water.

Finally - if it's too cold to drink water regularly, try hot water with a slice of lemon or tea in your favorite mug!

Feel free to read more about my results with detoxing here.Happy Drinking!