The CLARITY Project

In January I kicked off a fun new project that I'm calling, "The Clarity Project". It's a one year project and is my approach to living the next year with clarity, and finding a bit of calm. Last month's project was a success, and I'm getting ready to embark on the February version (albeit 9 days into the month!). Let's break it down!

Last month's installment of the Clarity Project was the Ultimate Reset. I blogged about this journey quite a bit, and it was a great success. It left me feeling a greater sense of mental clarity, calm and wellness that is going to be a springboard to a new way of eating! I can't wait to carry the lessons I learned through the month of January into the rest of the year.

That brings us to this month. I've decided this month to tackle something that has been increasingly on my nerves for MONTHS...maybe even a year. It's the piles. Do you have this problem? There are piles of random toys, clothes, tchotchkes all over my house, especially in the basement. Given that my design sense is moving closer to Scandinavian minimal every day, this is NOT a good thing. Ever heard the phrase clear house clear mind? I'm taking that to heart this month and am going to embark on a full on effort to get rid of what no longer serves us, and it's a LOT. I mean, I still have baby bottles in my cabinets (said baby just turned 3). I have been longing to get rid of the 'stuff' for quite a long time now, but admittedly keep putting it off. What better way to get myself motivated than this project, and the promise of Clarity down the line?!

I'll be starting with the basement, possibly the biggest problem of them all. I will definitely document the before and after here on the blog, as well as on social media. I've been using Instagram Stories a bit more lately, so look forward to some entertaining videos of the process there! Is this part of the project fun? Well, no! There is a reason I've let this stuff accumulate for so long. However, I KNOW this will gain me greater clarity, so onward we go. 

I'm ready to simplify my surroundings and have my children actually be able to find their toys! Here we go!