Natural Remedies

It's that season! I seem to have been on the cusp of a cold for a few weeks now, and really need to knock it out.  For me, cleaning up my nutrition is a continuous exploration, and part of that for me lately has expanded to include taking a more natural approach to beauty and household products, as well as natural remedies.

I've tried a few natural remedies lately for this cold, and look forward to trying more this year. Below is my experience to date:

Tumeric: I've long known about the benefits of the tumeric spice. After seeing several examples on social media, I decided to give it a try mixed with some other anti-inflammatory ingredients. I mixed up quite the concoction - a mixture of raw turmeric, ginger and orange with some water. My reaction to the taste wasn't exactly enthusiastic, but I did notice that it immediately cleared my sinuses and gave me an overall boost. It was also suggested that I try it with honey, which makes sense for getting it down more easily!  

Eucalyptus: I have always loved this scent, and when I discovered that my local Trader Joe's carried the plant, I decided to start having some around the house. The scent is a natural antiflammaotry and really helps to just clear the air especially during a cold winter, when the windows remain firmly shut.

Essential Oils:

I first discovered the power of essential oils this past summer. My husband and I took a trip and the hotel had diffusers everywhere, even built into the walls, and the most amazing scents surrounded us at all times. This experience was pretty much as amazing as you can guess it was. In a desperate attempt to recreate the EXACT atmosphere of the hotel upon our return I bought a smaller distiller and used some of the oil. Despite the fact that I couldn't bring crystal blue waters, white sand and the ocean home with me, I still love the oil! 


Doterra oils also offer a lot of variety and options in this deparatment. I plan to look more into this in the future! There are several different oils that can be used for when you are sick and also to help improve your mood.

I will be continuing to explore more natural remedies this year. What are you favorites? Comment below!