Happy Place Friday - 2/19

It's that time again! This week for me was about re-adjusting post vacation and trying to keep my spirits up. I find February difficult emotionally and if my challenge groups are any indication, I'm not alone. The GOOD news is that the light is really changing now, the days are getting longer and I'm hearing more birdsong outside. It all means that Spring is on the horizon! Below are some fun links that lifted my spirits this week.

This perfume looks rich, textured and I love the clean bottle design. I think it's going to need to be mine!

Do you get in lunch ruts? I do! A lot of days I'm so busy that I will just throw together the same chicken and salad over and over until I can't stand the sight of it. Here are some great ideas to shake things up that I will be adding to my rotation!

I really like Snapchat! Thus far I'm just a follower and have yet to start my own posts but I'm contemplating it. I found this article really entertaining and perhaps I'll have to adopt some of these tricks when I start! Should I start? What do you think?

I LOVE a good planner, and these just make me smile.


I'm having a citrus moment right now and think this cocktail will need to be part of my weekend agenda.

Happy Weekend Everyone!