Room To Breathe

Last week my husband and I took a long-overdue vacation together...just the two of us. It was only about 6 months ago that I got on a plane for the first time in a few years. About a year ago, I decided to make travel one of my goals this year, and luckily since that time I've had the opportunity to go on several adventures both through my health coaching, and personal life.

This trip was special. We were able to re-connect, relax and just completely unplug. My biggest takeaway was the beauty to be found in just breathing, just being and reminding myself of the simple pleasures I enjoyed as a child.

I think it's so important to carve out time for ourselves, time to remember who you were when YOU were a kid, what really made you happy. Whether you travel thousands of miles away, or just find a quiet few minutes in your own it for yourself, your family and your future.

A few of my favorite moments from last week....

  • Picking shells...How are they all so white? What have these shells seen? Are they hundreds of years old...thousands? The coral, how far down was it...down where the light won't shine, 2,000 feet? When did it turn white and break?
  • The clouds, so many shapes, patterns. It's almost as if I can touch them. The never-ending expanse of horizon interrupted only by white puffs that I know deceptively contain storms within.
  • The sea so clear that the clouds above are perfectly reflected. The only darkness is that of the clouds above or a stray manta ray looking for some fun.
  • Powder soft sand, running through my fingers, my toes. The grains are finer than anything I've seen before.
  • The gentle lap of the ocean as it meets the shore. Even on windy days, it's never more than a caress.
  • No planes, no signs...just sweet silence. How long has it been since I spent time in such solitude and peace? Too long.
  • Trade winds providing relief from the blinding sun. Deceptive relief...burnt lips and a night of discomfort after that surprise.
  • Sunsets that bring me to tears with their beauty and a sense of sheer gratitude that I can be this world.
  • Reading....the magic of losing myself in books. Hours at a time, book after book.
  • Dreaming, imagining, wondering about my place in the world.

How to re-capture these experiences? I admit, it may never happen that I get them all together at once, but I treasure the memories and feel lucky for it. I'll hold them close and remind myself again that getting back to my center is only a few quiet moments away.