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Love Your Strength

We are now into February...the month of LOVE! What better time to focus on loving your strength, building confidence and learning exactly how to accomplish your health and fitness goals?

In this health and wellness group, we are going to focus on developing body confidence, learning how to set clear goals and truly loving yourself and not just a number on the scale. I'll share daily motivation and tips, help you choose a program that will be customized to your specific goals and use what I know from my own journey to inspire you and guide you to all that you want to accomplish.

I've learned in the past two years of doing home fitness programs that goals can mean many different things, not just a number on the scale and that it doesn't take an hour of slogging away on the treadmill to see big changes! Here are more specifics on what you will get when you sign up for this group:

- Your choice of workout program, customized to your goals and busy life. Think 30 minute EFFECTIVE workouts and under. 

- 30 day supply of superfoods shake

- Nutrition guidance and meal plans that focus on balance and healthy lifestyle rather than deprivation

- Online challenge group support and accountability with clear checkpoints and the ability to track your progress

- Recipes and meal plan guidance from me, as well as daily inspiration, coaching and guidance

February is a month to focus on love, kindness and I can't wait to share that with YOU! Please complete the form below if you'd like to join, and comment below if you have any questions!


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