Success Stories

You don't have to take my word for it. See below for some recent success stories from my clients!

Having a 4-hour door-to-door commute throws a gigantic wrench into living a healthy lifestyle. My coach, Brett, has been instrumental in helping to craft a plan that still allows me to hit my goals. Beachbody has provided an easy way to skip the gym and fit in a tough but fulfilling 30-minute workout, without the added time and pressures of spending even more time away from the comfort of home. My dog even *attempts* to join in! Additionally, Shakeology has been a staple of the pre-commute routine - an easy way to give the body a boost in a matter of a couple of minutes of shake prep. The difference in energy and clarity when having my morning boost is strikingly noticeable compared to the days when it slips through the cracks. I’m definitely on board with Brett!
— Tracey, 21 Day Fix
Since having my 2nd child three years ago, I’ve struggled with portion control and unhealthy eating choices. I kept trying to get back to my pre-baby weight, but I would get discouraged because I felt alone in this pursuit. When I met Brett and she told me about her job as a coach and the 21 day fix, I felt optomistic that it could work. After 1 week, I immediately felt a difference in my energy level and confidence. After round 1, I lost 8 pounds and could fit into jeans that hadn’t fit in years. What I think made the difference was having the support and encouragement from Brett and having a clear plan how to loose the weight. As I start round 2, I’m thrilled to feel comfortable and confident in my body again.
— Kristine, 21 Day Fix
The 21 day fix challenge group has changed my life forever. Before the fix I was struggling big time. I had baby weight to loose from 5 years ago plus the stress of life and I wasn’t thinking about myself at all. I was too scared to try because I knew I would fail. As I watched Coach Brett on her journey I was inspired and I felt it was a safe place to give it a try and I was shocked at how much I love it! I’m eating clean, cooking meals I’m proud of, exercising daily and I’m loving the results. The daily support in the challenge groups is invaluable and I never feel like I’m going at this alone. I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me!
— Dana, 21 Day Fix