Those Sunday Feelings

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For me, Sundays have always been a bit complicated, and my mindset has changed over several seasons of life. When I was growing up Sundays were a serious time - for homework and getting everything in order for the week. When I was in a corporate job that I knew in my bones wasn’t right, Sundays started becoming a real source of dread. When my first son was an infant and I desperately wanted to be home with him instead of commuting, they were torture.

These days I’m finding myself in a gray area between really committing to those ideas about a career that are floating in my head, and doing everything else that has been my main job for so long now. And that “everything else” feels like a lot this time of year. Mostly though, Mondays for me now are when I can get a little bit of quiet. I’ll have some time where I don’t have to provide for anyone but myself and that is always something I’m desperately craving by the time Monday rolls around.

Instead of giving you tips for preventing Sunday (and Monday) blues (you can google that), I’ll ask you some questions and you can tell me where it leads.

  1. If you really are dreading Monday, have you thought about why? They say that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I know, I know…we’ve all heard that one by now right? However cringe worthy it may have become, I think there is truth to it. Here is how I would re-phrase it — “If you are feeing aligned with your purpose and contributions to the world, Monday is nothing to dread”.

  2. When is the last time you’ve scheduled something fun for Sunday? Are you including joy into your Sunday routine, or is it all groceries, homework, dread and meal plans? This is a trap I fall into over and over again. Try to take the 1,000,000 foot view and keep in mind that Sunday is another day just like any other, and a perfect time to be happy. For me, it’s a perfect day to do something unexpected and adventurous.

  3. What do you look forward to in your week? Where are the bright spots? Planning drinks with a friend, a walk before work or even just a special order for lunch can go a long way toward injecting your Sundays with a sense of happy anticipation.

  4. Finally, when all else fails….what are you grateful for? No matter how much you dread Monday, I guarantee there is something to balance that feeling out. Even if it’s just the fact that your kids have just gotten through one hour without fighting, celebrate that!

I hope these suggestions have helped make your weekends a bit better. Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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