Let's Talk About Celery Juice

If your mornings are already a complete runaway train with lunchesandworkandsnacks, then you probably don’t worry about a juicer and making celery juice. I didn’t. Until two weeks ago.

If you had told me at the start of 2018 this would be a huge wellness trend, I probably would have given you a good laugh and gotten back to making snacks. Now here I am: writing about celery juice.

After months of reading posts about the many benefits of celery juice, celery juicing, celery everything, I finally succumbed two weeks ago and decide to unearth my juicer from its long-dormant state in the basement. OK, the truth: forever dormant! I bought it and NEVER used it. Don’t hate.

***Disclaimer: If you are looking for information about celery juice I’m going to refer you HERE and HERE and HERE. Much has been written on this subject and I’ll leave it to the early adopters because clearly that’s not exactly how I roll.

I busted out that dang juicer and juiced it up for 10 days. I started slow and worked my way up. I’ll mention that I also chose to quit coffee at this same time, so my opinions about this might be a bit skewed. The first day or two were a bit rough (actually brutal), as I was detoxing from coffee as well, but I definitely got the cleansing benefits right away. I’m talking about digestive stuff….you got me? If you drink a full bunch of celery you will be going to the bathroom. It may happen fast, it may not…just be prepared.

Although I’m not so fond of cleaning a juicer every day, I definitely felt and saw the benefits that have people freaking out the internets wide. I felt more clear, my skin took on a different tone and it just frankly felt good knowing I was putting something so good into my body. To me, it felt very cleansing and for now that’s how I’ll use it going forward. This will not be a daily thing for me; rather something I do when I feel off balance or am just looking for a more cleansing start to my day.

And that’s what I’m gonna say about that. But here is what I really want to tell you. Surprise! The part I think that matters SO VERY MUCH. If you hear people talking about celery juice and how it’s doing amazing things for them, but you don’t really want to try it, then don’t. If you think celery juice is basically muddy water, then move right on to something that makes you happy. If you think this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous and you can nourish your body in other ways, than ROCK ON with your bad self.

Let’s just do what’s right for us, OK? We all are just trying to get through this crazy thing called life, and what I’m trying to say here is that I liked this little experiment, but you’d better believe I’m not going to sacrifice my sanity to make sure I do this every day.

I find it can be really easy to slip into a dogmatic mindset about health trends like this, but the truth is that we are all so beautifully unique no one trend will work for everyone. In fact, I’d hazard a guess this wouldn’t work for most people. Some mornings the vibe may be celery juice and soft guitar, while others it’s more like a hurried cup of cold coffee and thank the lord that we made it through that hour (ish) period before the bus comes.

Either way - we are all doing the damn thing, and I think there is nothing better than that.