February Intentions

A few months ago, I started the practice of setting monthly intentions after seeing a post from one of my favorite bloggers - Lee From America. I don't always follow these intentions to the letter - rather serve more as a guide for the way I want my month to play out. Here is how this little self care practice adds up to huge benefits for me.

1. FOCUS: Setting intention gives me a focal point, and  something to come back to when I drift off or lose track of how I want to be living my best life. It's very easy to send up a wish to the universe that everything go our way, but it won't happen without mindfulness and intention on a daily basis.

2. Smaller intentions = Big results:  By breaking down larger goals like "practice self care" into tangible steps I can commit to each month, I'm much more likely to get to achieve the bigger results.

3. Mindfulness: Setting intentions gives me time to reflect, and really think about where I want to go in the next month, rather than blindly charging ahead. I'm also able to evaluate what happened in the month prior and adjust accordingly. 

In the end, I've found this practice to be very much contributing to my happiness. Remember --there are no rules around this! You may have only one intention for the month and that's perfectly fine! Feel free to share your intentions here - I love to see what everyone else has going on to inspire myself too. After all, we are all in this together!