Books I'm Loving

Happy Friyay! Has this week seemed a little long to anyone? Anyone? Ugh. January has a way of doing that, amiright?! Anyway, let's talk about something that I've been loving, which I'll try to start doing here as much as possible on Fridays.

Today it's this book. I read a lot of personal development, and at this point have actually started turning away from instruction on how to get stuff done. I guess you could say I'm a bit burnt out. This book however looked intriguing, and I'm so glad that I picked it up. Below are a few of the reasons why I loved this one, and would highly recommend if you are struggling with productivity (and don't we all?).

Perspective: This book is written from the perspective of a woman (Erin Falconer), and is sprinkled with advice and tips that are unique to how we feel in this day and age. Quotes like this, "Women have been watched, judged, examined, and as a result we have worked and behaved to please others instead of ourselves. When we measure our worth according to outside expectations, is it any wonder we're constantly trying to do so much?" YES. These books can often seem so preachy, but Erin Falconer comes across as the friend you've always wanted to have.

Actionable Steps: At the end of each chapter are exercises that help with self-examination and putting the practices described into action. I find that it's easy to read these books but then comes the moment where I actually have to you it. Much harder. This makes it much easier!

Big Picture: One of the first chapters is all about how the internet has changed the game for women. Erin is so honest about her own experiences and offers unique steps that we all can take as women to make the most of the internet and work opportunities that would never have existed before. As a stay at home mom this was particularly encouraging to me. I very much want to have my own endeavors, but I also want to spend time with my boys. That means I need to take advantage of the flexibility of the internet. How to do that isn't always clear - this book helps with that!

Grab How To Get Sh*t Done and check it out this weekend! In my opinion, this is the perfect time of year to set yourself up with those habits for increased productivity. Let me know what you think!